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Monday, 28 September 2015

First day of Aubagio Washout for Lemtrada Infusions

Well I arose from my slumber quite late today, went to bed at a reasonable time but just couldn't get off to sleep, quite common for me. I did "pop a pill" to help me sleep but it had little effect, some times they seem to work, other times, my racing mind over comes the drug's intended purpose. I woke with thoughts of undertaking my first day of the washout regime, oh yeah ok need to get some orange juice to mix the powder of the Questran sachets in so they're more palatable and easier to swallow, luckily the local Service Station is a Coles Express, so it's like a mini, mini supermarket that has the basics, bonus, they have orange juice! I haven't drank orange juice for about 10 years I guess, too many oranges for my liking...

Of course there isn't a lot to say as you just empty the sachets into a glass of orange juice and stir vigorously so it's mixed in well. then down it. I suspect any effects will arrive in the following days (Hope not!)... I must say after having two glasses of orange juice mixed with this Questran stuff I actually feel quite full, it didn't taste bad, it only tasted of, well, orange juice lol.

After actually reading the instructions on the Questran box... I note I may need to get a "stool softener" from my doc or chemist, great I thought it was going to be the opposite to firm stool, I thought it would be an explosive experience, I'm really not sure what's preferable!

On another note, I seem to be getting a little more apprehensive about the impending Lemtrada infusions, mainly because, I like to be informed so I've been reading and watching personal blogs and videos so I know what to expect, it's not all "candy canes and puppy dogs" it doesn't sound like much fun at all, but I'd rather know what to expect than not, even if it does fill me with a bit of fear in the process. I'm concentrating on the possible positive bonuses there are after the Lemtrada infusion treatments. Obviously there is not a great deal to say until I'm actually admitted to the Hospital and the first infusion starts.

Oh, today I deleted my Google Calendar entry that reminded me to take my Aubagio pill everyday, well it notified me twice a day so I didn't forget, I'll miss that notification everyday lol.

That's all for this post, I suspect I'll have more to say about this washout in the following days, most likely, swearing, cursing and not all that happy lol...

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