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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Aubagio Washout prior to Lemtrada Infusion

This won't be a large post, just wanted to add the picture of the washout drug I need to take before I have the Lemtrada infusion, wow there are quite a few sachet's I need to consume lol. This "washout" is to get rid of any trace of the Aubagio Oral medication from my system. I have been taking Aubagio for about three to four years from memory. I need to take two sachets twice a day after food and separate dose by two hours of other medication if possible. This should be interesting...

Picture of Washout Medication

Yep the picture is not all that clear, probably from the very slight shaking of my MS hands lol. I've also organised with the Pharmacist to save me a Fluvax as he only had two left, we're at the arse end of the Flu season I guess and he won't be getting any more this year anyway or so he said, the Fluvax and Pneumovax are injected after the washout.

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