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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Getflix dodgy Affiliate program - Beware you can't leave!

I guess this is a Getflix Affiliate program Review and a story of incompetence!

So I stupidly signed up to the Getflix affiliate program, all my fault of course no doubt, what I didn't realise until I saw the Dashboard was that it appears to be a third party company that runs this affiliate service. How do I know this, well I don't, but after numerous emails and being told numerous lies by their customer support morons that told me that being removed is no problem, well  guess what 2 weeks later they still haven't removed me.

I suspect something stinks with this company. I did not sign up to a third party I signed up with Getflix, I do not want my details shared with some scumbag third party affiliate provider. They can't remove me so I'm guessing they have no control over this "system" at all, you can also see the advertisement for "Affiliate Library" when you type the following into your browser it doesn't load, it doesn't seem to exist, seems a bit dodgy to me!

So who the hell is running this service, Getflix or some dodgy third party whose web address doesn't seem to exist, well who knows, the Getflix CSGs are now ignoring me and giving me bullshit answers to clear questions.

Now please understand I have tried and tried to ask nicely to be removed, the more I was lied to and fucked around the more suspicious I have become, I will gladly remove this post if my request is fulfilled and I am removed, but as it stands with their lack of honesty and transparency, I just have to believe this is a dodgy company that does not value their own customers and would prefer to lie to them. They seemed like a great company before they were sold, now it just seems dodgy!

I am posting this to warn others about the Getflix affiliate program so they can be better informed before they sign up!

Below is a screenshot of the Dashboard

Here is my Twitter conversation with Getflix, note the date!

So what the hell is wrong with these people at Getflix? Anyway, I am at a loss to explain Getflix's behaviour but it seems they are either liars or incompetent, it's been over two weeks now. I've had absolutely no communication from these arseholes, so all I can say is, BEWARE OF GETFLIX! This is a honest review of dealing with Getflix and it's staff, the screenshots allude to that from Twitter and as I have said they removed me from following them on Google Plus, when my subscriptions ends and  needs to be renewed for Getflix services to bypass geo blocking for Netflix, I will not be renewing my subscription, this whole experience showed me what type of a company they now are since being sold!

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