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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Australia Post Essendon North Delivery Driver Saga Continues

I'm really not sure what I've done to this guy, but my problems continue, this story continues from the previous post...this post will mainly be images of where I live as the driver says he can't deliver to my residence as it's not accessible, I've sent Australia Post these pictures through their contact email address, alas no resolution yet...

Recently I ordered some simple cabling and connector looms from Jaycar, small items, though they were in a larger than needed plastic envelope for protection, the packaging was fine, this time not only did I get carded (I was home all day BTW), the parcel wasn't left at my local Post Office (Essendon North) it was left at the Essendon Post Office near the Essendon train station! I had to visit both Post Offices as I admit I didn't read the card well enough as I immediately thought the parcel would of course be at my local post office. The people at my local Post Office are friggin useless, as soon as you mention you live in a unit, without even listening to you they cut you short and say well that's why it was carded, the drivers are not required to deliver to try to explain that your unit is "on the street" just like any house and they just talk over you, wonderful people they are!

So here are some photos I took of the front of my unit, this is all still under investigation, it's only been about a week...

As even blind freddy can see the only fences are boundary and unit separation fences, there is no gate, no dog, no cat (we aren't allowed to have pets except for our feathered friends) I am genuinely at a loss as to what this guys problem is, the path is clear I am directly facing and "on McCulloch street", there is a primary school directly across the road from me you can see the "candy" school crossing posts, the street has to be clear for the Essendon North mothers to drop off their little darlings each day and pick them up at the end of the school day.

I get food deliveries from Woolworths Online and they have no issues with accessing my unit, they even occasionally and stupidly deliver the goods to my back door occasionally as the unit complex is all open, you can walk freely around the whole unit complex. The AusPost delivery driver though can't even access my front sliding door apparently, there was meant to be some person coming out from the main delivery centre for my area to view these access issues first hand...alas, if that did happen I have no idea, they certainly didn't knock on my door, I feel like I'm living in an alternate universe, where Australia post has there heads firmly up their arseholes.

I'm really not sure what my next move will be if they close this ticket, as when you go to the postal Ombudsman's website, all they do is link you to guess who? Australia post Customer feedback lmao, conflict of interest it seems not...alternate universe stuff right there lol.

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