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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Stan TV and Movie Streaming Service Australia

About two weeks ago I signed up for a invite to try out the new streaming service from "Stan", I received the email today that allows me to test out the streaming and see what programs they have. I already use Netflix and I'm quite happy with it, who knows what will happen when Netflix reaches Australia's shores, can I still use the USA service or will I need to change to the Australian service, eh, who knows. Netflix haven't said much at all, I think that's a huge mistake on their part, while we're waiting for Netflix to say anything at all we are already looking at other players. Netflix like most companies are morons, but I do like their streaming TV shows of course, time will tell just how all this plays out in an Australia market.

An Australian market that has been bent over and royally screwed by any arsehole that could rip us Aussies off, Foxtel an Australian cable provider, have treated us with so much fucking contempt they can shove every offer they have made since Netflix finally announced they were coming to Oz, about time Netflix! Foxtel cable still shows ads, seriously who in their right mind would pay a company for advertisements, well I'll tell you, deadshit Australians! Yep some Aussies gladly pay for ads provided from Foxtel. The only time I have used Foxtel was when I could rip it off for free, thems was good days, but seriously, the ads were shocking even when getting it for free, it's laughable yet people still sign up to Foxtel...

I've been streaming TV shows tonight from Stan via my old Nexus 7 Tablet (2012) and Stan's Android app to my 51" Panasonic plasma, it has worked flawlessly with my Chromecast, they have some TV shows that Netflix don't have, which will be how it is, it looks like it will be necessary to sign up to more than one streaming service, so far my choices will be Netflix and Stan lol, they are the only two I have used, I still need to see exactly what programs Stan will have of course but for quality of app and the actual streaming quality, stan is every bit as good as Netflix, let's hope that doesn't change in the future as more users come on board. 

The device compatibility list isn't huge yet but no doubt that list will grow in time, so I have one month free to see what Stan has to offer and how the service runs in that first month, but seriously I just can't fault it at the moment, anyway! You can sign up for the free trial at the Stan homepage linked to below, but be quick I'm sure the free trial will end soon.

The Spiel
"Watch on your TV, computer, tablet or smartphone"
"Stream Your Favourite TV Shows"
"Selection of shows available first and exclusive along with hundreds of series including complete box sets."
"Heaps of Blockbusters, all time greats, world movies and award winning favourites."
"TV shows and movies for kids of all ages. Parental controls to keep kids safe."
Ten Dollars a month ($10.00)
Unlimited streaming, no ads!

Google Chromecast usually about $50 have seen it as low as about $35 when on special, they are occasionally marked down by retailers, keep an eye out ;)
Apple Airplay

Some web links

Stan Home Page

Whirlpool forum discussion

The image below was taken with my Nexus 4 mobile phone after hitting the "Cast" icon on the Nexus 7 tablet before starting a video, it's the start of a video and the end!

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