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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Essendon North Australia Post Parcel Delivery Driver

I'll start off by saying that I actually like +Australia Post, though my most recent experiences with the Auspost Delivery Driver that services Essendon North is making me rethink my love for Auspost, as I'm disabled my preferred way of shopping is online, virtually the only way I shop these days, I even get most of my groceries home delivered, so I know what I'm doing and online shopping is the way of the future for me and many others that are in my position.

Now it's not just me complaining, apparently the *Essendon North LPO* (my local post office) is also making complaints, or at least more correctly complaining on behalf of the residents of Essendon North that need to ring them asking "where my parcel is". The New Driver regularly doesn't deliver to people's door he seems to prefer to just "card everything" which of course means a trip to the Essendon North Post Office. I pay for delivery, so why are my parcels not being delivered?

I've heard every possible reason:

"Oh you're in a Unit, the drivers won't deliver to units" here is a picture taken from the front looking directly at my place from the street McCulloch Street.

You can see the cream coloured dividing fence on the left there, well that is my little unit between that fence and the driveway on the right, it's just like a normal house in that faces the street I reside in, he does not need to drive in to the place he can just nudge his van into the driveway just like they do at any house they deliver to. Nope apparently that's to difficult for this moron!

I'm not sure if the driver has a sister but I can guarantee you I did not have sex with her as I have been celibate for about 12-15 years, so I'm at a loss as to why he discriminates against me, I'm also a Buddhist maybe he hates the "untouchables", the Dalits of India as they are often Buddhists, I might be on too something there, maybe he saw my Stone Buddha poster I have on my wall...

Oh the other excuse:

"It's Christmas, the drivers are very busy" I bet they are, though their workload doesn't seem to include me or my street or residence, my parcel was onboard for delivery on the 15-12-2014, it's now the 16-12-2014 3 minutes away from 12.00pm, I still don't have my has not been carded, my security camera sees the letterboxes, he hasn't been seen today at all. If this idiot ever comes to my place I will nab a photo of him for all the world to see, yep I'm pissed off! For an atheist the Christmas excuse means nothing to me as I don't celebrate Xmas any more...what I'm waiting for is not a Christmas present!

"Am I going to let this go"? not on your nelly, if I don't fight this "non delivery trend" I will forever more need to go to the post office to pick up my parcels, I even asked for a PO Box, but they don't have any spare, so that's out. If the driver won't deliver to me what choice do I now have? None that I can see. On the same day my delivery was due, I had already received an item from another online shop in the Sydney area, they used Toll couriers and the item was here before 12.00pm yesterday, so the "busy" excuse is wearing a little thin right now, though this successful courier was from Toll not Auspost!

Even if by some chance the driver still delivers my parcel in that it's not lost, it's somewhere in the ether, does that mean my parcel was taken home with him and left in the van overnight, is this normal practice, if so why wasn't it taken back to the Local Post Office at Essendon North and carded, it's all very fishy, well actually it's not fishy at all, the driver is incompetent, I have absolutely no doubt of that at all, the guy is a moron plain and simple.

I've made complaints, one was closed with no action taken, I have now made a complaint via the Ombudsman which funnily enough they just redirect you do Australia Post customer service lmao, let's see how that goes, but I really won't be holding my breath as past experience does not bode well for any sort of outcome from Australia Post. I'll update with pictures and another story if I get any joy receiving my parcel, until then it would not be wise for me to order anything else online unless the postage is options include someone other than Auspost, lucky I'm not into Christmas...

When I first moved into this place I probably ordered something online the very first week and have been ordering stuff online for about two years now, the previous driver was excellent, was never carded, not once in that whole time, now all of a sudden the service has turned to crap, to the point where I won't be ordering online again if Auspost delivery is the only option they offer, which is a bugger as most online stores will offer Auspost delivery and maybe one other courier, with some they only have an Auspost delivery option, so I'm in for a rough ride to say the least. Thanks Auspost, lucky I don't give a shit about Christmas, if I did, you've totally fucked mine up lol!!!

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