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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Victorian Election 2014

Bugger, bugger, bugger it's election time again, I despise elections, though I am a strong believer in compulsory voting, let's face it if we didn't have compulsory voting in Australia, hardly anyone would vote. I am so sick of politicians, lobbyists and right wing arseholes, Tony Abbott and the liebrals make me physically ill, that lip smacking, umming and ahhing, lying piece of shit sucked in the morons of Australia and the idiots are paying dearly for their stupidity, sucked in morons you lose. I am so sick of companies getting handouts while the ones who need it most are losing their entitlements bit by bit.

The liberals have no vision, no empathy and absolutely no brains, they lie and they're corrupt! Even Dennis Nap-time, doesn't want that nasty piece if shit Abbott to come to Victoria to campaign for the liars party, I suppose that's one good thing, but personally I hope big ears does come to town, Labor would win without a doubt, in a landslide as well. How do you know when a liberal is lying? Their mouths are open! It really is as simple as that! So the liars are totally out, no vote for you! Don't care who the candidate is, right wing liars equal vomit to me!

Now on to my Victorian Parliament Labor candidate, read on, yep I'm for the people, I'm a socialist, I'm disabled, you'd think I'd vote for my Labor Candidate, though I'm not too happy with them either, so I checked out my Lab Candidate dickhead and I have never heard of this numpty, wouldn't have a clue who he is, here are his brief details copied from the ABC website.

Danny Pearson
Australian Labor Party
Candidate for Essendon
Pearson worked for lobbying firm Hawker Brittan for 14 years in lobbying, issue management and government relations. He previously worked in the office of Steve Bracks. More recently Pearson has been Managing Director of Connect2Government, Australia's First Digital Lobbying Agency.
Ok that is just his brief bio, I dug a little deeper, not much because really I just can't be arsed, he's a lobbyist, strike one! I looked at his website, guess what, this moron only has a Farcebook page for his official website, don't use faceache, never will, too many idiots, morons and fools on that shithole his official website is on, strike two! Who the hell is he? strike three!

I have a disability I can't find anywhere that he mentions the disabled, you're out, that's the nail in your metaphorical coffin "Dunny Pearson" what a shame...if only you had more pride and gave a shit, I may just have voted for you...

I've never voted for the Greens, I voted for the liars when I was young and stupid, my parents are liebral voters so that's what I chose, that is until I realised just how disgusting the liars party really are. I feel like a change and as I said I am a believer in voting, between liberal and labor voting there was  probably a ten year avoidance where I never voted for any party, I managed to dodge the enrollers that come to the door for ten whole years, bliss, they was good years, but it was easy, I was always on the move, btw if they don't catch you before you decide to vote again, they don't fine you, bonus, there's a tip for the young angry people out there ;)

So the Greens, my candidate is Ashley Waite

Ashley Waite
Candidate for Essendon

I have a personal and political interest in progressive values and policies, with a strong interest in many key Green policies. I'm active within communities progressing disability rights, gender equality, and social justice. I strongly believe in an evidence-based approach to sustainable economic, environmental, and social policy.

I wouldn't have a clue who she is either, but she is female and every female apart from right wing liebrals of course, have a modicum of empathy, yep I actually believe that in a generalised kind of way. Ashley has her own piece of the Greens website, the Greens are on Google plus (the only social network I actually use) so that's a big bonus, of course most of these political parties really only post when they want your support around election times, but Ashley Waite seems the best out of a very bad bunch of morons in the Essendon electorate for the upcoming Victorian state election.

There are some other numpties, but who cares, they have absolutely no chance of winning anything or even getting close! What really pushed me over the edge to vote Greens and Ashley Waite was that she is the only one that mentioned the disabled, score! Let's be serious here Ashley probably has no chance of winning, it looks like Labor are going to win thanks to numpty Tones and Nap-Time, Dennis is boring it's time to go, good riddance dickhead!

So if Labor get's in without my vote for my Candidate, I'll be happy and if the Greens by some miracle won, I'd be happy as well and I'd be happy with my choice to vote for Ashley Waite, I have a feeling Ashley will do a great job supporting what she believes in, I am starting to like my formula for voting, it's selfish and it's socialist and it has a good vibe as far as disabilities go just the way I like my politics ;)

These are my opinions only, I'm absolutely sure I'm not alone, this is an opinion piece!

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