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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Extreme Q vaporizer- Tips & How To Setup

Extreme Q

I've now been using the Extreme Q since the 9 August 2013, I think I can say I now know how to use it somewhat properly. Honestly it's all just trial and error for your individual needs "how you like it" so to speak. I have only been using the "elbow packing" method, this method of packing the elbow of the out take pipe is very easy to do and you don't need to use a shit load of ground up mix, I'm sure some of you have smoked from cones that are larger.

Temperature settings are variable on the Extreme Q and you should experiment, I have found the temp range between 210 degrees celsius and 230 degrees celsius to be within the ball park for the way I like it, you never know you might need to adjust it with the different product you get supplied. If you start at 220 degrees celsius you should be fine to go and try vaping at that temperature, then have a play around, who knows if all the units are calibrated the same, so experiment!

When using your Extreme Q it's important of course to realise this is not the same as smoking a bong, you need to "elbow pack" the mix fairly tight, it must be ground up correctly so most of the essential oil can be extracted and turned into "vaper" rather than smoke so don't set the temperature to high otherwise you may as well be bonging and you just wasted money you didn't need to. If your committed to a "healthier" way to get get stoned then these new vaporizers are the bees knees.

When I bought the Extreme Q I also purchased one of the newer style barrel type grinders, all aluminium and not bad way to grind or cut your weed, seems to work very well for getting the right consistency for packing the Q, so happy with that recommendation from the company, well worth the price, about $15 I think but check that for yourself, before relying on an older review.

When drawing on the Vaporizer it can take a bit of effort because of the aforementioned "tight Elbow packing, so draw hard if you don't seem to be getting any or very little vapour from the unit. You will get rewarded with the work you put in, yep seriously learn to suck hard using this method, it get's you stoned and enables the unit to extract the most amount of vapour on each toke, be warned it can cause you to cough and take your breath away, so once again, experimentation is the key.

Also the fan is very handy in helping to attain the correct temperature for the mix to be able to be changed to vapour, I often start the toke with the fan going on low, at the start I use the fan setting of three or the highest setting, it gets things nicely warmed and produces clouds of vapour for your enjoyment.

Note: This video is about "elbow packing"

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