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Monday, 2 December 2013

Online Incense - Shopping and Purchasing

I've been needing to get some Incense for, um... meditating and fragrance, I am a single male so one must do one's best not to offend any visitors or passers-by lol.

After a bit of searching I found the Buddha Shop, so it's my first foray into buying very fragile Incense online and having it delivered via post or courier, I think it will be an Australia Post Delivery, haven't received a tracking number yet, maybe I won't, I think it's just normal post, I'll know more when I receive the goods and will report back.

The Buddha Shop has many different products, some are very light, like Incense and some are quite heavy like Statues made of metal, concrete and wood etc. I am mentioning this as they will email you advising of the postage costs before they send the goods, fine by me, the email was sent in a timely manner, although early morning would have been better to ensure it is picked up at the earliest possible time for prompt postage delivery.

I don't have an Incense Burner so I bought some "Hangover" Incense which included a small Incense stick holder or burner as they are called, heh, I don't drink alcohol hopefully it smells alright regardless. I went for the slightly more expensive brands of Incense, they were free trade, non toxic, all natural types, we'll see how they smell, burn and what effect they may have on my well being...

What you need to know about Buddha Shop Australia

Buddha Shop

All Information can be found on their web site, please click the following link to be redirected to Buddha Shop Home Page

Buddha Shop Australia

Our on- line store Open 24 hours

Bricks and Mortar Stores

Albury Buddha Shop 
478 B Dean St, Albury. N.S.W. Australia
Open every day from 9.30am

Yackandandah Buddha Shop
A Bears Old Wares 
12 High St, Yackandandah. VIC. Australia 
Open Friday to Sunday from 9.30am

So the wait begins to receive my fragrant purchases, can't wait :)

Ok just got the return email to say my order has shipped, hopefully the journey is free from hiccups, it's up to the transport gods now! The return email also had a link to the tracking number, I shall watch that page with determination lol :)

Ok doesn't look like I will get the goods today, but it is in the Auspost tracking system, so it's "In Transit", it's on its way...

Nothing came today, at least the tracking has changed, it's now in Sunshine, I have to admit, I'm thinking this could have easily arrived at my place today, there seems to be a time warp some where along the journey...

Update: All received, well packed (nothing broken) and good incense, will use these guys again! :)

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