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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Aubagio Now On The PBS and Available in Australia

I've been on the trial supplied drugs that needed to be organised by the trial nurses and neurologists, at the start the nurses supplied it all, then it went to the medication having to be picked up at the hospital pharmacy, the day included the basic neuro tests and a blood test. Now that Aubagio (Teriflunomide) is on the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) it's now available at your local chemist, I had to have it ordered as my local Chemist needed to get it in for me. I found out that the Aubagio costs about $1800 a month, that's more than the older injectable Interferons, wow, it's expensive!

The Chemist guy said he will need to order it each time as he won't be carrying a drug that is that expensive, so I'll need to make sure I get it ordered before hand. There is also a New Packet for the Aubagio, yee ha, first the drugs had a great seven day plastic/paper pop out type pack so you could more easily follow the days and you knew if you had taken one or not, it was so easy, then it went to a five day foil pack, that was a total pain in the arse, I was always forgetting to take the pill and didn't want to "overdose" so to speak, now they are colour coded and days labelled, excellent to help you remember where you're up to.

Here's some pictures of the new wonderful packaging!

aubagio packaging picture
Aubagio Packaging
Here is a picture of the new seven day pill packaging, wonderful addition!

The Colour codes are for weeks with each day within :)

So I now have to pay for my Aubagio damn it, I pay about $6.00 for each new packet of Aubagio, we have a great public health system in Australia, which I'm much appreciative of make no doubt about that! The main thing is that I can now get it from a chemist that is about 200 metres away.

Note: *AUBAGIO is a once-daily oral therapy approved by the FDA for relapsing forms of MS.
AUBAGIO can play an important role in your treatment plan for relapsing multiple sclerosis (RMS). AUBAGIO is a disease-modifying therapy, or DMT, used to treat RMS.
More Information at the Aubagio Home page

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