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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Here we go again - Paleo Third Time Lucky?

It's the third or fourth time, could probably just count from posts on this blog, bugger that, don't really want to know lest I get disappointed with myself.  I might as well use a post I made on the G+ Multiple Sclerosis Community for this first post on this latest Paleo try with some extras of course.

Well the weather is getting better in the southern hemisphere and for me it's the perfect time to be drinking lots of water and eating salads, of course I'll still be eating meat and steamed veggies as well, but summer gives me more options to eat the Paleo way more easily, not sure why exactly but I have trouble consuming salads in the cooler months lol.

So I've been brushing up on all things Paleo lifestyle, although I definitely haven't been eating paleo for a while now, I have still been eating the right foods as best I can with some of the crappy or non paleo foods thrown in.

I gave up alcohol long ago, my main vice these days is the occasional smoke (tobacco and ganja) I do mean occasional, money and supply are issues these days, so it's not often I partake for those reasons. Fatigue can be a real problem, some days it's just easier to get a takeaway or ready made frozen meals, neither of which are part of the Paleo diet, so preparing, cooking, and cleanup can be a real hassle with the fatigue obviously getting worse on the warmer days.

I will start doing paleo from today with the odd indiscretion and be aiming for this Monday to be in full paleo mode from that day on. I need to lose weight regardless, so that will be a bonus, but I felt really good last time I was on Paleo as far as MS goes, so I'm hoping I can get that advantage again, that's the main reason I want to try again, weight loss is a wonderful bonus and with Paleo exercise is not mandatory, of course still very worthwhile, but with MS well you know, it's easy to be unmotivated to exercise. 

Last time I was on strict paleo I was losing 5 kilograms (about 11 pounds) a month doing no exercise at all apart from just living of course. I've added a link to a Multiple Sclerosis Paleo diet story and it's benefits below if you want to have a read.

I'm going to give it a red hot go, but I'm not going to beat myself up if I fail again, though I will be very disappointed, hopefully that can keep me going, I'll document the journey good or bad on my blog, when I'm in full paleo mode.

I've made my first paleo grocery order that will be delivered this friday, I have ordered only one "treat" Green & Black's Chocolate Block Organic Dark 85%, the rest is meat, fish (salmon), vegetables, salad ingredients and eggs, that's it as far as food goes. Of course I have ordered "Kale the super green" as well. :)

Below is my first order for my latest Paleo Diet try, I took a screenshot with the 85% chocolate highlighted, I'm an idiot it means nothing, bear in mind optimally when on the Paleo Diet one should be eating organic food, or at least try to, yep if I drove a car and had more money and could access all organic I definitely would, alas I can't I try and buy the organic "version" when marked down or on "special" but that's the best I can do for now, I don't stress about it, it's just how it is!

As you can see I am big on the frozen version of vegetables if they can be bought that way, being single it's the best way to buy, I waste far less food if I buy frozen, I always buy lemon juice as well as I was always wasting lemons, so yeah it's not always the best way as far as price goes, though frozen veg and lemon juice suits me and my lifestyle :)

First grocery order for third or fourth Paleo Diet try

Paleo Shopping list

Paleo Shopping list

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