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Sunday, 15 September 2013

First time for everything!

My first for this week at least was abuse from a passing motorist, well the passenger, not the driver, although I'm fairly certain the driver got his rocks of as well, most probably from a circle jerk with his mates when they got home. Unfortunately I didn't get the registration, if I had it would be entered on this blog and anywhere else that I could do it publically, alas the old grey matter isn't so sharp these days so I just didn't think quick enough to take down the rego number. I was on my Mobility Scooter I had just been to the local service station where you get fuel etc. (for those in other countries) it's about 500 metres away from my house, I was waiting at a set of traffic lights, pedestrian lights, not an intersection.

 I was just waiting for the lights to change to red, sometimes they are really quick sometimes they're not, this time it was probably medium amount of time. I was looking at the other side of the street minding my own business, nothing more. All of a sudden a car went by with a lowlife hanging out of the window, he shouted at the top of his lungs just to make sure I and the lady standing behind me heard what he said, "why don't you get off and walk you cunt".

I didn't even have time to give him the one finger salute, let alone a witty retort, I'm quite amazed he didn't just simply use that time to spit at me such was the hate directed toward me, it wouldn't have surprised me... All I can remember was that it was a red car, maybe a station wagon possibly a holden commodore. Anyway with no other identification there's not much I can do about it, but gee I wish I could, yes even though I'm disabled I'm still a male, a male who would like to wipe that grin off his face with an iron bar!

This happened on Keilor road Essendon North, Victoria, Australia, image below, click to enlarge.

Even though this has happened only once and may never happen again, I think I might invest in a Go Pro Hero3 Camera and mount it to the Scoot, I would have loved to have gotten footage of this arsehole to post on youtube and where ever else I could let others see it. Might even be able to give the footage to the police, who knows, they might go and knock on this dickwads door and scare the shit out of him, then again lowlife's generally don't have any respect for the police so it's probably doubtful they would care.

By the way, no I don't care if this dick has had a troubled childhood or he's on drugs or pissed (drunk) or it was just a joke, he needs to be called out, I'm old enough and ugly enough to not really give a fuck, but some might really be affected by such an occurrence if it happened to them, there is already a stigma attached when you first start using disability aids, the vulnerability scale increases, you aren't the person you used to be and no one knows that more than yourself. The irony is he was in a car himself, too lazy to walk you lowlife cunt eh?

Sorry for the language, but quite honestly I'm angry and want revenge....nope I won't dwell on what happened, writing this is the end of it!

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