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Friday, 9 August 2013

Vaporization Convert - I Think So!

I wrote a short review of an Extreme Q Vaporizer that I recently purchased as a healthier tool with which to partake in the consumption of cannabinoid substances. I have been using vaporization for my nicotine intake for about 3 years now. I thought, perfect time to vaporize my herbs let's get a decent tool, to make vaporization a joy because it wasn't too hard to get it all sorted and tweaked.

I'm getting it all sorted, the right temperature, elbow packing, right grind and right draw. It really is a simple device to use as it mostly does all the difficult stuff for you once you have it set up. When I received the Extreme Q one of the glass cyclone bowls was broken, I contacted the seller and he sent out a replacement the next day!

Below is a decent Review and Demo of the Extreme Q in action, there are some great tips in the video, he gives you an idea how to settle on a Temperature and what temps do what.

Extreme Q Video Review and Demonstration

I'm finding vaping on 220 degrees celsius for me, but it really is best to find your own sweet spot, at this temp you see the vapor, lower temps seem to be quite a clear vapor, no big deal, but it lets you know visually that there is in fact vapor being produced, always a bonus.

I'm using the elbow packing method, basically all this is, is packing your herb in the whip's elbow where it meets the heating element. It's a bit weird at first as it sits upside down, so you get the feeling the grind would fall out on to the mesh that sits above the heating element, but know you just let anything loose fall off back into the bowl and it seems to stay in place no worries at all.

Elbow Screen Packing Video Tutorial

How to pack your grind into the elbow of the whip on the Extreme Q

The Extreme Q certainly heats up quite quickly so you aren't there thriving for a hit for an hour, you can use the fan to heat the grind up quicker or just let it heat up it's self. which takes about 5 minutes I would say.

Here's a pic of what you get when you purchase the Extreme Q

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