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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Unintended Dietary Experiment

In the last couple of weeks I had been struggling with an infected tooth, I could only chew on one side of my mouth and if any piece of food strayed to the "bad side" well let's just say I wouldn't wish it on any good person, the bad, absolutely.

The painkillers helped and as I don't like to take prescription* drugs at the drop of a hat (of course I needed antibiotics on this occasion to stop the infection), I was just using the over the counter pain killers, Neurofen, Aspirin type pain killers you can get at the local shop, so indeed it could have been easier to handle if I asked the GP for some prescription based stronger pain killers, but the ones they would have most likely prescribed usually cause constipation and that really, well "shits me" might not be the correct words to use here, it's frustrating nonetheless.

I had been back on the Paleo Diet more strictly as mentioned in recent previous posts before this infected tooth problem appeared again (yep it is time to take action and fix the problem once and for all), of course as the Paleo Diet involves whole foods and a decent amount of meat consumption, the Paleo Diet went by the way side at least for now. Ok no big deal, shit happens, but I have noticed a few things in this time apart from the infected tooth dramas.

I've noticed that I really am feeling crap in general, my eyes seem to be worse when reading the text on the PC monitor (let alone the tablet or smart phone) it's become more difficult to read, pre tooth infection it wasn't perfect by no means but it was better, my walking has gotten worse as I'm not as stable as before either and spasticity has appeared in the mix as well and my energy levels seem to be depleted also. Now of course these are just my observations they are not science, but I think I'm convinced now that a better healthier diet really is very important for people who have Multiple Sclerosis. it's like I've taken a step or two back as far as my daily symptoms go.

The last time I was strictly on Paleo I noticed the difference as well, I had to move house at the time and did a good deal of it by myself, I don't think I could have if I wasn't following the Paleo Diet at the time. Not science, but it is more evidence for myself.

Let me say, I am not the type to say things or diet will benefit all MSers, people that do that are frankly talking through their arse, but I am saying as someone who has RRMS that eating healthy whole foods is beneficial for me and by what I read many others have experienced this as well.

Back to Diet and Well being, so I'm going to make clear that I absolutely understand that some MSers cannot for a variety of reasons eat as healthy as they would like, we're talking economic concerns, fatigue, getting around, cooking, so I always try to use "Right Speech" my failures are usually from passion and emotion, the truth is important, I try to consider others, I try to look at things from their perspective and just how difficult it would be to control what you eat when you basically have no say in what you are served up at each meal. 

You don't have the money for a personal Chef, you can't get out to purchase the healthier foods, you can't do the preparation or the actual cooking of the food, I really do understand, I've been there briefly from a rather nasty setback quite a few years ago now, luckily and thankfully I recovered from that, not 100 percent, though probably got back to 90 percent then 95 percent, the steroids, rehab and "time" were all part of that particular exacerbation recovery, other exacerbations have been milder.

I have no answer apart from writing this post and letting people know that diet does seem to make a difference in the severity of our symptoms, there are quite a few different diets that seem to be effective, the Paleo Diet is just one of them, though many are very similar to it. I can only suggest to those who have little control over their dietary intake, is to try and educate their carers, their families and friends who help them. Believe me I know this isn't easy, but if there is anyone who would forgive us for our ranting and wanting to do something that might benefit our disability, it's our families and friends, who knows they might be motivated to eat better as well. :)

Am I saying you will get out of your wheelchair or throw away that walking stick or those "walkers" that have wheels, nope, I'm not, but there are some interesting Stories like Terry Wahls (who did get out of the "chair") a doctor from the US, Professor George Jelinek's Book "Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis" there is mounting evidence that eating "right" may just help and let's face it, it's what everyone should do. 

If it's not already obvious, all I can say is I do truly believe from my own experience that eating the right healthy foods benefits me, you'll note if you read my previous posts that I am trying to give hints about how to eat healthier when you're disabled, slow cookers, microwave vegetable steamers, online shopping etc. I am lazy often from fatigue, so I am always on the lookout for ways to be able to cook healthier with minimum preparation and clean up, all of which I dislike, I'm sure I'm not alone :)

Please know that as I'm single and live alone and my family live 100 kilometres away, I'm one bad exacerbation away from being in the position of someone I describe above. 

*I prefer not to take prescription drugs unless absolutely necessary, I will decline antibiotics and other prescription drugs when I logically can and it's safe to do so. I do however get stoned off my tits at every chance I get ; ) so it's not all that common!

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