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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Glyphosate and Multiple Sclerosis

Here's something very interesting from my point of view and I'm sure  it may at least interest some others. I'm very interested because I was talking to another MSer +Stephen Walton via phone call the other day, we're two old tradies (mechanical, carpentry etc. jack of all trades type of guys) so we have a lot in common. Steve has MS and obviously so do I.

Anyway we got on to the subject of the various jobs we have had over the years, the one that got us thinking was that we both did some gardening type jobs where we had used "Glyphosate" or "Roundup" as it's widely known, though it is marketed under many brands and names. Monsanto make "Roundup". Immediately before I had my first MS exacerbation I had been spraying "Roundup" heavily destroying weeds and basically any living plant life, we were almost drinking the crap we were using it so heavily. This is just before I had my first MS incident and it was the same for Steve.

Just now Steve sent me something very interesting, please have a read, it's not that big text wise.
Full PDF of research 48 pages
I got that first link above from this page that Steve sent me
Which also has this video in that link, plus many other vids that talk about possible links to glyphosate and diseases and health issues
GMO MS Leaky Gut! <<< Video

Now I'm no scientist or medico, but it has definitely made me take notice, and yes I also run a G+ "Page" called "March against Monsanto" Melbourne, Australia. Just to be honest and to let you know I do despise Monsanto.
All that has really done though is make me aware of how evil they are, so I'm interested in what they and their GMOs and Chemicals do to us humans.

I have heard about "leaky gut" (you'll see that talked about in the video above) before as a possible cause for MS and many other diseases and problems, but I admit I had fobbed it off, as I don't remember seeing it directly associated with "Glyphosate" so I guess I couldn't see a correlation with my MS, but the first link and 48 page PDF may suggest otherwise and it's science, maybe our western diet is in fact killing us. 
Here's just a random page I found about "leaky gut" and how to hopefully fix it, but do a google search for more information :)

Now remember, glyphosate-roundup is everywhere, on our food in our sheds and Genetically Modified Organisms, especially Corn, Soybeans, Canola and Cotton and many other GMOs. So I'm just putting this out there, I am not going to harp on about it, but have a look if you're interested and see what you think for yourselves, otherwise just call it the ramblings of a crazy man, I am very interested though if anyone else has any further information or correlations or exposure that they know of and yes I still haven't read the 48 page PDF linked to above, I've only skimmed it so far :)

Of course I'm not positive about any of the above (except my own experiences), but it has got me thinking!  

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