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Monday, 10 June 2013

First time visit to Farmers Market

I have finally made it to my first city based Farmers Market and it's held only about 500 metres away from my home, it's only held once a month, but considering the area that I used to live never held a Farmers Market in the ten years I lived there, once a month is a wonderful occurrence and will do me just fine!

I wasn't really prepared as I only happened to see the banner at a local reserve a few days before the day coming back from the local IGA supermarket where I can buy Kale and a few other needed things if I'm short, like butter etc. I usually buy most of my food online and before I saw the farmers market banner I had already placed my order for the week. As my mode of transport is now a mobility scooter, I also hadn't organised the appropriate carry bag, the little front basket that comes with most scooters just doesn't cut it, so I will need to look into that for future markets.

I arrived on the scoot about 15 minutes before the official opening time, so I didn't get a true feel of what the market would be like buzzing with people, not all the stalls were fully set up yet either, my fault for getting there to early. I prefer it when less people are around, I get sick of the gawking from some fools while I ride the scoot, as I said I didn't really need much but thought I shouldn't pass up the chance to at least do my bit to support the market which was held at a local reserve just down the street from me.

The first stall was a plant nursery, I have been wanting to get a grevillea for the front area of my unit to be planted as a screening plant, possibly two, a couple of "Robyn Gordon" grevilleas would do fine, the fellow didn't bring any grevilleas with him this time so he said he would bring some to the next market in a month, that should be fine I'm not in any rush. The next stall was a guy selling Goat meat products, now I have tried quite a few different meats from different animals, I regularly eat Kangaroo, I have tried Crocodile, Buffalo, Camel and of course all the regulars, Lamb, Beef, Pork and of course Fish (I mainly eat Salmon for it's health properties). I'd never tried Goat though, so I took the opportunity to try some, I thought it best to start of with something I knew there was a good chance of liking, Goat Meat sausages and of course I got the rosemary and garlic variety.

The sausages were up there with the best I have had and I do like a good snag, always great when camping and great to have with any meal, we would often stop off at local butchers at the last town on the way to our campsite and support the locals and it would mean it was the freshest it could be, before heading into the bush for a week or so and ice in the esky only lasts so long. I also bought a nice fresh Cauliflower as well, usually I just buy frozen Cauliflower so I don't waste it, the one I bought was small just perfect for a single person and looked to be very fresh just picked and reasonably priced. so although I didn't buy much I will be prepared next time and purchase a lot more, can't wait for the next one :)

The name of the business that made the sausages is "Seven Hills" in Tallarook just up the Hume Highway a bit, great little town Tallarook, I will include a link to their web site below

Seven Hills, Tallarook
The Paddock to Plate Experience
Click here to go to Seven Hills Tallarook Home Page

I'll also add the Farmers Market organisers web site as well so you can see if there is a Market happening near you!

Regional Farmers Markets
This is the one I went to on the 2013-06-08
Click here to go to Regional Farmers Markets Home Page
Below is where the Essendon Farmers Market was held

View Larger Map
There is another mob that runs Farmers Markets, so when/if I get to visit that one I'll write a bit of a review on that one as well, all in all this one was great and I will be visiting it in the future for sure!

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