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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Paleo Diet - Two appliances to help me succeed

I'm back on the Paleo Diet, it's been about 2-3 weeks now, the reasons for going off it have been discussed before, so I won't go over that again, though one thing that frustrated me about the diet was the actual cooking and the subsequent clean up of dishes, nope, don't have a dishwasher (don't particularly want one either), I'm the dishwasher, I'm the one who has to do the scrubbing. Cooking, well, as I have Multiple Sclerosis standing over a hot stove too long eg. the time it takes to cook said food can leave me with shaking legs, I can't stand still for long periods of time. If it's difficult. these days I find it really difficult to stay positive and I'll just go for the easy option which is usually take away food or processed crap in a box.

This time I have come prepared with some tools that make things much easier for me to prepare Paleo goodness, enter "The Breville fast slow cooker", it's a slow cooker and pressure cooker combined, a bit more expensive than a slow cooker only, but I've always wanted a pressure cooker for it's energy efficiency and speed when cooking, it was the perfect appliance for me, with either function you do not need to stand over and watch food cook, tick! I have never owned a slow cooker although, my mother did have an electric crock pot years and years ago, it's exactly the same as a slow cooker as I have since realised lol.

The humble hard boiled eggs are just the best snack that is also Paleo approved, now, remember I'm a single male, I can boil water, but I could never seem to get boiled eggs right, they would always have the green tinge or be too soft or over cooked, waiting that six minutes or whatever the perfect time is was like six months for this single male MSer, I know, don't worry, I already feel like a fool lol. So there had to be a better way and guess what, there is, I found the right tool that is absolutely wonderful and simple to use, I don't need to watch the eggs while they come to boil so as to take them out at that exact time, although I do need to be within earshot, which in all honesty could be about 500 metres away, it has a really loud buzzer when finished, which is great for me because it makes me actually get up off my fat arse and turn the machine off, lest I burn the place down.

I found "Breville Egg Creations" a dinky little egg boiler, except it cooks with steam, heaven for me, it is so damn simple, uses about 40/ml of water to hard boil seven "cackleberrys" at once, how long does it take, never timed it, but it doesn't seem much different to doing it the old water and saucepan way. Now I get two dozen eggs and boil them all straight away, ready to snack on as needed. Whack them in the fridge and you have Paleo snack goodness. The vessel that comes with it to measure the right amount of water to use also has like a pin in the base to pierce the wider end of the egg, anyway that's all in the instructions!

These two appliances have made what I considered difficult, time consuming and tiring to now be a pleasure because they make my life so much easier when preparing meals that someone on a Paleo Diet, needs to do quite a bit of, that is cook food and lots of it. Both products are simple to clean, seriously they are, I wouldn't lie about something I despise doing lol. I am also now on the search for the best vegetable grater, I bake a decent Pumpkin bread these days and grating the pumpkin, the second main ingredient, really grates on my patience....

Next up I might talk about some recipes, but it will just be links to sites where I found the details, I won't be ripping off other peoples hard work and passing it off as my own, I might give the ingredients though so people can fight about whether it's Paleo or not :).

Oh I need to make it clear I have no affiliation with Breville, although I would accept a donation from them if they care to give me one, I do think they make decent products though, that's why I bought them!

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