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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Coffee and Sugar Withdrawal Over the Worst of it!

It's amazing how addicted we get to things and we don't even realise it, well we know when we are craving something because we will naturally just consume it or go and purchase it or make it, but often we're in denial of an addiction until get gets way out of control and consumes us. It's interesting when we decide that enough is enough or we just don't want something or in some cases someone controlling us, I really despise authority yet I know in a society like today we definitely need police and rules as there is to many people out there who get on a power trip or think the world only exists for them to plunder and abuse.

I look at it like this, there are certain things we absolutely need, we need water and food, that's a given, we need shelter and warmth, we need sunlight, if you live in really warm areas an air conditioner is welcome addition, but we can survive without it as long as of course it isn't so hot that we die of heat exhaustion, like being locked in a car with windows up on a 50 degrees celsius day. We don't need sugar and coffee, we certainly don't need processed foods, I definitely don't want to be controlled by some of the crap fast food like Macca's and KFC or sugary delights that taste great but aren't that wonderful for our health.

I started the Paleo diet the first time because I was angry, angry about my circumstances some of which I can't really control, angry about being over weight, angry about my excuses for being over weight, I have never been morbidly obese, never even had a doctor lay down the law about my weight, I'm a fairly big guy even when I don't have a gram of fat on me, so putting on a few kilograms, was never a major problem, as it's hardly noticeable and easy to hide, but when I got to the stage of trousers or jeans not fitting properly and not easily able to get the right size from a normal shop that really pissed me off, it made me angry, angry enough to assess my eating habits and knowing it was time for a change, a big change at that.

Anger is fine as long as it empowers and motivates you to become a better person and realise there is a better way to live, anger can help to achieve this, so I quite like anger in certain circumstances, it may take a while for me to get angry enough to want to change but I know it will happen and I will change sooner or later. So that's what drives me to stay on the Paleo diet, I'm over the worst of the withdrawal headaches and cravings, though I have realised that boredom also seems to play a big part in my reason to over eat or eat the wrong things, it's not so much about "comfort food" I just get bored and then I eat. At the moment I also seem to be getting some massive fatigue, I'm always tired, I think I can recall a similar fatigue level when I first tried the Paleo way, but near the end of the two months that seemed to subside and I was starting to regain some energy again, so I'm hoping it goes the same way this second time around.

Last time on the Paleo diet towards the end of the two months I started to feel less hungry, I was down to eating one meal a day, at the moment I'm eating breakfast and dinner, I could probably go a boiled egg to snack on right about now but I'm too damn lazy to prepare any, but they do make a great snack while on the Paleo diet, fruit would as well or even Paleo approved nuts but I want to lose weight and I want to lose it quick so I'm not eating fruit or nuts at the moment, that will probably change in the future but not for another three months at least. I want to see weight loss and I want to see it quickly, remember I'm not exercising at all as part of the diet, that's another thing I'll address after I have lost a decent amount of weight, the result of losing weight will make it much easier to be able to do some exercise as well.

Having MS, the fatigue issues tend to hinder any exercise aspirations one might have anyway, so losing some weight can only help the fatigue and the ability to move more freely and feel better about yourself. At this stage I'm looking at getting a rowing machine in the future, hopefully I can afford one in about three months if all goes well. I do feel that I am thinking more clearly because I have written two blog posts and the words are flowing more freely than usual, but who knows that may just be a quirk that doesn't last, but at least it quells the boredom a bit regardless, so that's a good thing. 

I think it's about time I go and visit my nearest "Mens Shed" no it's not a gay sauna, it's a place where men can hang out, talk some shit and build some spice racks, it's quite community focused and sounds like it might help with boredom issues, from the sounds of it a lot of the fellas are retired. I might just go and add that to Schemer lol :)

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