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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Latest Teriflunomide Oral Drug Trial visit

Last Thursday I had my most recent drug trial visit, it was one week later than scheduled, no big deal, although I do look forward to my day out as pathetic as that is lol. I asked the nurse why the appointment was pushed back a week, she said the latest batch of trial drugs had failed the heat sensor test in transit, not sure if the sensor is placed in the box or it's on the outside anyway they obviously couldn't risk giving these to patients doing the trial.

I was due to get my three month supply, so it was no use me coming in until they had the drugs, each pack of the oral pills has seven days of spares so I just used them, so in three months there are 21 days of these "spare" pills, I have never needed to use one of the spares before, but I admit I do often drop these small fiddly pills before they reach my mouth, luckily even more so these days as I live in a smaller residence which is easier to keep somewhat tidy, funnily enough, I can find things easier and always find the stray pill I drop lol.

For the first time in about three months when asked how I was feeling I answered "fine, no problems", I always answer very truthfully when doing a drug trial, I mean why wouldn't you, but if they ask the question I will answer truthfully from the perspective that I am doing a trial and they want to know everything no matter how small it is and rightly so, after all we are guinea pigs that can talk so we can give some good feedback. It's sometimes difficult to distinguish whether it's MS symptoms or just general life ups and downs, but I tell them anyway. This time though, the only issues I've had have been totally self inflicted, but that's a story for another time!

So I'm not sure if Teriflunomide is helping, but it certainly doesn't seem to be doing any harm which is a bonus. Every three months you have to fill out a questionnaire, this I despise doing, sure it's just ticking boxes and choosing from multiple choice answers, so it isn't difficult, but it's about ten pages of questions, I can't remember what I did yesterday let alone answer questions pertaining to the last three months of how I've been feeling, so I don't deliberately lie but I fear that if they compared the previous questionnaires they might think I'm taking the piss lol. Ho hum, they are dealing with MSers what else can they expect :)

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