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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Assembling things used to be easy for me!

In a previous life I was a Motor Mechanic or as that trade now seems to be called an "Automotive Technician", sounds a bit wanky to me, but I can live with that term, after all, cars are at a new level these days, with many more systems being controlled by Electronic control systems. I was still working as a Mechanic when these systems started to appear more regularly, now days though I'm not the least bit interested in all honesty, it's all wonderful and all but it's doubtful that I will be replacing the car I have now with anything more modern in the future, unless I win the lotto and can afford a new car plus chauffer. Cars I'm sick of them!

I'm also the son of a builder/carpenter so I have always been good with my hands, I'm a "Jack of all trades" and a master of none, there used to be nothing I wouldn't attempt to do, the only thing holding me back from doing some tasks was when a Licensed tradesman was required and a certificate was needed for insurance reasons, I always found it funny that I needed a plumbers certificate to work on a pipe that carrys water but there was no such requirement to fix someones car lol, I mean cars are lethal weapons in the wrong hands or if not correctly maintained, this always made me giggle when I thought about it.

These days though thanks to my Multiple Sclerosis friend, tasks I always found quite easy sometimes seem insurmountable now, I recently bought a small under basin cabinet for my bathroom, it came in a flat pack and was delivered by courier, just a cheap unit but it was perfect for what I needed. Now I think most of us have problems with the new style of Hieroglyphic instructions with virtually no text tips if any to help us achieve the end result, when you do get a written step by step instruction manual, more often than not it's written in "Engrish" with small irrelevant images that only serve to give you an aneurysm trying to decipher them. So you can multiply that by about ten times now with MS messing with my Neurological functions, my brain is a fog as it tries to pull once readily available knowledge from it's dark recesses, I think if one was to listen closely the grinding cogs would surely be audible.

Then of course nearly everything you order online that needs to be assembled is missing a part of the wonderful puzzle you are confronted with, you thought having it delivered would make life so much easier albeit a little more riskier, but goddamnit you then need to travel far and wide to get the missing parts, that's of course if you can find them at all. So this under basin cabinet has now taken me about two to three weeks to get anywhere near being a finished product, I'm on the home stretch now except I had to take a break and sit down because of the friggin' fatigue lmao.

That's a picture of the cabinet above, mine looks just like that except for the doors as of writing this that's the next thing I have to do after my "break" from construction, I fear it won't be easy to attach the doors, I hope I'm wrong! I might finish it some time in the future. :)


  1. You'll get there mate. I have faith in you. I would not even attempt it prior to MS - so you at least had that one up on me!

  2. Yep I'll get there sooner or later. I was right the doors are just Not Quite Right! lol, not my fault though, poor manufacturing has played a part.

  3. So know how you feel, there was a time when I seriously think I could do anything now well I am sure someone has written dumb on my forehead! Btw where did you get the cabinet from...I like it! ;-)

  4. I got the cabinet from Deals Direct Amber I will add the link below, you may have to copy and paste as I'm not sure whether links show up properly, we'll see :)


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