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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

How I see my Multiple Sclerosis so far

My Answer
A question was asked on Google+ about what to expect from the future when you have Multiple Sclerosis, this is my answer. I won't mention names because that just isn't the right thing to do :) I thought I should post it in my blog just in case it may help someone else.

I look at it like this, before MS let's say we are at 100% after each exacerbation no matter what, we seem to lose something even if after things settle down we are at 99% that's best case scenario it may be much worse of course but hopefully it isn't. My first exacerbation left me with numb hands which I still have to varying degrees some seven to eight years later. Numb hands I lost let's say 1% as an example, so I am at 99%

The next major one about two years later which saw me in a wheelchair for about two to three months, after steroids I rose like a phoenix, I'm exaggerating of course but I was damn happy to get out of that wheelchair. I could walk again but still have a slight limp that gets worse with fatigue, let's say I lost a further three percent of physical ability, probably more, I can't run anymore, crossing streets is somewhat dangerous lol, I very occasionally use a cane when needed. So let's say for arguments sake I am at 96% now, even after things settled down.

The next major exacerbation, I had Optic neuritis it affected my left eye, it now sees through fog. like a film of oil is covering my left eye, pain in the butt let's say that's another one percent, because even after steroids again it didn't get a great deal better nothing like the improvements after the wheelchair exacerbation steroids. 95%

All this is just how I see it and is an example, I still consider myself quite lucky believe it or not and I'm not being ridiculously positive either, there is nothing good about Multiple Sclerosis. I do believe that we must take advantage of any rehabilitation we are offered it can and does help sometimes more than others.

Amongst those there are minor exacerbations that were hardly noticeable but they still take just that little bit away at least. let's give all of those 1%

After that first exacerbation I rode my motorbike across Australia and worked on the mines in WA, I noticed the fatigue but it was bearable. The mental side of things seem to be a slow decline for me I have had tests, shouldn't have told them I smoke the Ganja, when they don't have a good answer they will always take the easy path and blame the dope lol. They might be right but my life sucks enough without having just a little pleasure every now and then :)

Ok I have rambled enough

Signed the 94% man cos overall that's what I believe I am at possibly more but I am trying to be positive lol, it's different for every MSer, don't dwell on the maybes, it might never happen, then again it may :)

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