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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

New diet - New residence - Update

Paleo diet update

Well I am into my second week of eating the "Paleo way", so far everything is going fine and I have not waivered from the "whole food" way of life. I am finding it easier than I thought it would be, it seems when you cut out sugar, you no longer crave it, that's what I have found anyway your mileage may vary, I am eating much more meat than I used to and much more vegetables than usual and more variety also!

All the new food I have been eating has been lovely, I had forgotten how nice those yellow button squash are, I have not tried the sweet potato yet, I'm hoping the sweet potato will make a good replacement for the normal potatoes I used to eat.

I'm eating lots of eggs, lots of greens including veggies and salad, also eating a good amount of spinach. I need to get my veggie plot organised and start harvesting some of my own home grown food, grow some kale, chillies, almost anything, it should be fun, I enjoy gardening and it is great for exercise and Vitamin D from the sun. I am slowly gathering Paleo approved cooking oils and so forth, things like Ghee, Olive oil, macadamia oil, lard and so on. I have never been this interested in food oils ever before.

I am really enjoying the Kangaroo meat and a nice piece of Salmon the other night as well, I had salad with the Salmon. All in all I am pleased with how it's going on the Paleo diet!

New place to live

Today I found out about some housing I had applied for, it's been about three months since I first filled out the paper work (seems like a life time), The easiest way to describe it all is the new place is in a really good area, I mean really good, close to shops and closer to the hospital for my drug trial. The place is definitely smaller than where I am now, but I can learn to live with that.

When I lived at Yulara (Ayers Rock) I was put into a unit that had two mini units that shared the bathroom and kitchen, it was a really small place but quite liveable, I rarely ran into the fellow I shared the  place with so it proved successful for me anyway, plus I wasn't home that much, it was a bit of a party town.

General Update 

I had  started this blog amongst the big move so it was a very hectic time and the Paleo diet had to be put on hold for the time being while I sorted everything out and I still don't have "real" internet yet either, how people can survive on wireless broadband is beyond my comprehension, it is absolutely crap. It's not that I have a bad signal, it works, but it's bloody flaky and expensive for what you pay.

Anyway this is a strange blog post as life has been hectic whilst moving house, but I am pretty much all settled, I just need a proper ADSL net connection, wireless broadband sucks and is damn expensive in Australia.  I don't have a backyard anymore so any veggies I grow will be in big pots I guess and limited to things you can't readily buy and the more leafy greens that are easy to grow and harvest, but that will be an ongoing project funnily enough.

Ho hum such is life!

More soon, well when telstra gets off it's collective arses and connects my landline so I can get ADSL 2+ broadband again. Actually Telstra are great (just in case they are listening or reading) lol.

Oh by the way I lost five kilograms (about eleven pounds for you non metric heathens) in about three weeks on the Paleo diet, but I have probably put that back on (or possibly not), so now that I am in the new place I can get back into the Paleo lifestyle full steam ahead.

Oh yeah the suitcase image is cos I moved lmao.



  1. Darin glad to hear you have settled into your new home. I know what you mean about eating more vegetables and meat and eggs, sometimes I feel like I'm going to start turning orange colored, I need to get more greens going.
    You have done very well to stay back on Paleo especially with a move in the middle to give a bit more stress.
    Was there no Telstra connection at all? Typical that you are kept waiting though, it should be very easy for them to get it working. Hope you are back on again soon, we miss your comments back to all!

  2. Belinda I will just say one thing as far as the Telstra landline connection, I can't wait until we get the National Broadband Network, Telstra's monopoly will be over then and it will be a lot easier to change internet providers :)

  3. Nice one Darin, the Paleo's working for you...with myself on the Atkin's (which essentially is the same diet) I've lost something like 7-8kgms and feeling better to boot. Congrats on surviving the move...moving house is up with death of spouse etc. when it comes to stress.

  4. Thanks Steve, well done on your weight loss as well :) Oh and Belinda, do you not like greens in general, or just don't like the Paleo recommended greens? I love greens but obviously the "paleo greens" there's a little less variety eg. no legumes, which cuts out quite a few. I never ate Spinach now I get the frozen spinach packs, not too bad, fairly tasteless I reckon lol


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