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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Went to a Supermarket this morning, not fun at all!

I started on the Paleo diet last friday 2012-3-9, I received my first "Paleo Shop" of recommended "foods" on that date, of course I made some small mistakes in choosing some items, apparently if you want to lose weight quickly or have an autoimmune disease, they suggest not to eat any fruit or nuts, anyway I didn't get discouraged, I just looked over the food lists again and made my next order for this coming Friday.

The main thing is that I haven't consumed any sugar, or any crap food like lollies, sweets or candy, I also haven't consumed any milk or bread, this really is quite amazing for me not to be eating those types of foods, I'm also having breakfast everyday since I started, although on the Paleo diet it is suggested that you eat when hungry and pretty much eat as much as you like, I'm usually hungry in the morning so I have breakfast, another thing I rarely did was eat breakfast in the past.

Quite a few of the websites I looked at were not Australian based, which makes it a little more difficult when working out what things you are allowed to eat on Paleo, so I started creating a page about the Paleo diet in Australia, with some links to a couple of great Australian based web sites and great International sites as well. This page I created is a work in progress and by no means definitive as I am new to all of this Caveman eating myself, I will leave that up to others, but it is something I can refer back to when confused or unsure, have a look if you are interested :)

I have noticed that I am not feeling as hungry during the day and am enjoying eating whole foods again and it's not that difficult to stick to so far, hopefully I don't get bored with it all. I don't have scales to weigh myself and I like it that way in all honesty, as I'm doing a Multiple Sclerosis drug trial at the moment I get weighed and have blood tests on a monthly basis, so I won't know if I have lost any weight until the end of this month, much better than me having the scales weighing myself everyday and getting disappointed if it doesn't look like my weight is changing or I gain a bit, but seriously I doubt I will put weight on with this diet.

I usually order most of my food on line, this morning I went to my local Safeway supermarket, I just wanted to get some chicken breasts and some frozen veggies, three or four items to keep me going until I get my next food delivery, I hadn't set foot in a big Supermarket for quite a while and my visit today didn't make me feel like I was missing anything, in fact it just made me realise how they suck you in to buy crap you don't actually want or need, I left thinking there is not a lot they can offer me anymore I only need to go there for meat and veggies and butter and paleo approved "oils" for cooking, not much else at all. Buying food on line enables me to choose what I want without being subjected to all those supermarket tricks that they try on the consumer, I went in with tunnel vision, got what I wanted, paid for it and left.

I will stick to ordering on line and investigate the fruit and vegetable shops around my area, unfortunately the good old aussie butcher shops seem to be few and far between these days so that may prove a little more difficult, the butcher shops around me don't sell pork, not that I eat a lot of pork anyway but it's nice to have a variety of meat available, I do like Bacon though and it seems many Paleo diet people eat Bacon, there is a god lol. I have a feeling though I may become a vegetarian if I'm not careful :)

Anyway I'm off to have breakfast, I'm really hungry!


  1. Good luck with it all- sticking to a new diet is challenging, especially in the first few weeks when you are getting rid of all those cravings, and have not yet found where to get the best supplies. I'm trying to combine a lactose and gluten free diet at the moment, so by default seem to be halfway to the paleo diet!! (and I lost 3.5 kgs in my first month, going by the scales at the neurologist's.

  2. Thanks Carrieanne, well done on losing 3.5 kg's, yep it is a challenge cutting out probably 70% of what my diet used to be lol


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