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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Time for an Upgrade

I bought a new graphics card and LED Monitor, I received them yesterday, this isn't a technical or user review, it's more about being dependent on the Internet and technology when you have MS or any disability.

I know a fair bit about computers, I build my own when I need to upgrade, although my eye problems and numb hands do make that task a little more difficult these days, still, I muddle through, haven't blown anything up....yet. The need for this latest unexpected upgrade started with the Monitor taking about ten minutes to get a signal to display my desktop in all it's glory, very frustrating lol.  I did my usual research thanks to google, but there were so many variables of what it could be, being a Linux desktop user adds a little more frustration to the diagnosis process, the old grey matter isn't helping either.

I knew the problem was either the Monitor or the Graphics Card, now in the past I would have possibly borrowed a Monitor (I used to have heaps of old CRT monitors not anymore) but now that I don't drive much anymore, traffic and idiots on the road freak me out and we don't need another idiot on the road, so I order most things online which is handy, but I knew it was one or the other, not both the Monitor and Graphics Card. One of them was on the way out, I did know that lol. All I knew is that I had to be able to use my computer so I needed to get the parts I needed to get.

It did get me thinking of how much I depend on having access to the net and a working computer. I like desktops, I like storage and I like to be able to fix things myself, I don't like having to pay someone for something I should be able to do myself and let's face it because I am working on something I own I find I often do a far better job than some overpaid "genius" who really doesn't give a shit about you or your problem, well except for the dollars they will earn.

I find this to be one of the most frustrating issues I have with this bloody disease, relying on others, I want to control my own destiny, I'm in my 40's FFS these kind of issues are meant to be happening as you get to retirement age, the body is slowing down the eyesight is getting worse naturally, not because of some sucky disease you have, I'm not ready to be 70 yet, but MS makes me feel old, but it's not just a feeling, the facts are, physically and mentally I am getting older than I actually am, thanks MS, you really do SUCK!

I'm the son of a builder and a mechanic, there aint much I don't know how to do, practical things that is, things that all men used to know how to do, now I feel like I don't have a lot to offer, I never paid for much at all in the past, lots of back scratching, I was a commodity, worth something to some people, now I'm not so sure.

I realise I am luckier than some though it really doesn't make my outlook on my own problems easier to handle, it makes me feel sad that others go through what I do and worse.

I need access to the net at almost any cost, it gives me a window to the world!

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