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Monday, 27 February 2012

I'm on the Teriflunomide extended trial

Teriflunomide tablets
My last blog I talked about the Teriflunomide drug trial and the possibility of going on the extended trial, which means you will be on the full strength pill, 14 mg, one pill a day for the next twelve months or thereabouts.

So after the usual drug trial tests I get to talk to the Neurologist about the extended trial, I was fairly sure I would go on the extended trial as soon as I heard about it, depending of course if I didn't have any nasty side effects, well I didn't so I thought I would continue on the trial.

This is a new trial as such, I have finished the first Teriflunomide trial which of course coincided with signing up to the new extended trial on the same day. I asked how the other trial participants did on the first trial and no one had, had any notable problems and if I wanted to stop taking the Teriflunomide pills it was only a case of a wash out over ten days I think it was and I could go onto any of the other MS treatment drugs.

The biggest problem I had with the first trial was remembering to take the tablet each day, nothing too major (like weeks) but I could easily forget three days worth (woops! don't tell anyone) so I thought I better find a solution so as to ensure I took the pill everyday without fail, really take it very seriously, you just can't trust an MS memory I have noted lol.

I have an Android mobile phone so I have setup Google Calendar to remind me to take the tablet, it sends the reminder to my Mobile and to my Gmail email address. I have also set up an alarm clock to remind me about one hour later just in case I forget or I was busy at the time, none of this is foolproof of course but I haven't missed taking the tablet in 3-4 days so it's working so far lol. I just need to take the pill as soon as I get the reminder no excuses :)

As you can (sort of) see the tablets are in rows for each week, they have always been like that, so that does make it a bit easier to keep track of where you're up to

I haven't felt any difference in how I feel after taking the drug so that's a bonus. Anyway this was just an update to my previous post, I will update the Teriflunomide series of posts when needed or if something changes.

Yeah I know the picture is not the best, it will do!

The box of Teriflunomide pills with spares!

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