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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I feel a lot older than I actually am!

Recently I have been trying to be a bit more active, I started with moving my MythTV media centre and all that's attached to it out of the room where my desktop computer is, now I have to get off my arse if I want to watch a video (files) or TV, I was starting to live in one room lol, a simple step but a worthwhile one. I essentially switched my lounge room (tv room) with my bedroom, now my bedrrom is quite large and my TV room is cosy, which is good because that room doesn't have the wall furnace gas heater in it, now the bedroom does. I can also operate myhthtv as a front-end on my desktop computer over the LAN, if I need to and my Android phone can be it's remote control.

I also decided to do some gardening, I have planted a Lemon tree and various other native and non native plants as well, the front yard is natives and the back yard is anything but natives, just makes it easier if I have to apply any kind of fertiliser, I have to say digging a simple whole in very moist soil is becoming quite a daunting task for me these days as was moving a few items of furniture when I converted the Bedroom and lounge room, everything is such hard work, I get a sore back, I get very fatigued and am usually quite sore the next day, I guess when you haven't used certain muscles for quite a while that's bound to happen.

If I sit down and take the weight off, I usually recover quite quickly and always have even in the fit and mobile days this was the case, I always had a great recovery rate when I played football for example. I suppose I am in my forties so there is always the I'm getting older excuse as well, but I was hoping it would take a little longer to feel the aging effects, with Multiple Sclerosis though you always feel a little NQR (not quite right). Now to tackle some social skills, eg. actually mingling with others, unfortunately in Australia that often means you have to drink to excess to be accepted, well I don't drink, so I will start with trying to attend my local "Men's Shed" hopefully they aren't all piss heads lol! I guess I am just having a bit of a whinge, but I feel better lmao.

Anyway life sucks when you have MS, I don't know how people climb mountains when they have this disease! ;o)  

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