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Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Curry, a Curry, my Kingdom for a Curry!

I must admit as much as I respect Shakespeares place in history, I've never been a fan. I've never been a creative artsy person, that's just me, I certainly can appreciate art, I guess I'm just a bit jealous that the "creative arts" is not in my genes.
There is no doubt though Shakespeare could tell a good yarn and some great quotes have materialised from his work.

"A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse"

One of Shakespeare's best known lines. The quotation is sometimes now repeated ironically when someone is in need of some unimportant item.

That quote pretty much sums up this blog.
I live in an area, where Pizzas don't use Ham, they use red coloured (dyed) shredded beef, that aint a Pizza, sorry it just isn't, I do class kebabs as one of my favourite foods, though when basically it's all that's available, it all gets a bit ho hum!

Today was the day of my visit to the hospital for the teriflunomide trial I am on, just a few questions and a blood test today, in and out very quickly. I have nutured a business relationship with an Assyrian (Iraqi) Taxi driver, a nice guy who appreciates the somewhat regular work I/the drug company gives him. We always have a great chat about the middle east and his life when he lived there, I get the inside story so to speak, the facts from someone who lived there as opposed to much of the propaganda that's spews from most of the sensationalist media today.
Hang on I'm getting to the story!

I often don't sleep at all the night before I have an appointment, I have no set times to eat sleep or shit (too much info?), I really do have a great life as sad as it is lol. Sometimes it's just easier to not go to bed, last night was one of these times, a thought popped into my mind and I just couldn't let it go.


I could have spent about $50 on my feast, but with Indian food it's usually very reasonably priced, especially at the smaller non glitzy, genuine Indian curry restaurants.

The search was on with my trusty Android phone, basically the only requirements for this spur of the moment, unresearched quest was that it had to be somewhere that was on the way home and it had to be open at about 11.00am, fairly simple requirements for someone that just wanted a curry, the value, the quality was secondary in this venture because it was not planned, but it had to happen today!
Well I have to say it was one of those times when all the pieces fell into place. The premises were a fairly simple, humble establishment, it was clean and basic, don't take this as a negative, the chef slash owner slash order taker was the same lovely indian gentleman (I think he was Indian), soft spoken, respectful and a pleasure to deal with.

I made it clear to him that I am not your regular part time aussie curry eater that thinks a mild curry is just a little to hot. He understood, although next time I will ask for it to be just a little hotter in a chilli sense of course, that's cool it's all a learning experience.
Non Curry eaters just don't get it and unfortunately for them they never will, it really is a shame, honestly.

So here I am on the way back from a the Austin Hospital in a taxi with an Iraqi driver and me ear bashing him about all things Indian Curry and the aroma filling the cab with it's Vindaloo curry and garlic naan bread goodness. I was literally salivating I couldn't wait to get home. I think I have convinced the taxi driver to try a curry lol.

Oh and you fellow Aussies that have a can of keens curry powder and throw it in some mince, seriously, that isn't curry, let your taste buds out of their bland internment and set them free lol, you won't regret it, ok to be fair, the next day or later may include some rectal trauma hehehe, don't worry, the human body adapts, the ring of fire does subside and dare I say adapts so well that after you are an experienced curry eater, the wrath of the fiery ring is a distant memory!

The pleasure of the meal is well worth it!

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