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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Teriflunomide - Oral drug trial - part 04

I'm a bit late posting this blog, I forgot, I couldn't be bothered, the dog ate it etc. etc. Anyway I will attempt to do it now, not much to tell.

Well it's been a week since I visited the trial nurse, pretty much same old same old visit, blood test, urine sample, few questions to answer and I'm outta there, except she did say that my last urine test (two weeks before this visit) was not strictly speaking normal.

Apparently it there was something foreign found by the test, there was a protein in it, I wouldn't have a clue what that exactly means but I guess "not normal" conjures up all kinds of thoughts but apparently it was not of too much concern and they will keep an eye on my urine for any future anomaly's, lucky urine! I haven't had any phone calls since my last urine test so hopefully all is well. Maybe it was that dodgy lamb chop I had eaten, who knows, I don't eat much red meat at all so anything is possible I spose.

Oh on the way back from the trial visit I wanted to pick up a fry pan, not an expensive frypan, not a fancy frypan, not a non-stick frypan, I have decided that I will never buy a non-stick frypan ever again, granted I only ever bought cheapish non-stick frypans, but I hate them yes hate them, it's an inanimate object so I choose to hate them, so I went back to my camping days, I went to a camping shop and bought the biggest deepest cast iron frypan they had.

Happy days, I can now use a frypan how they are meant to be used, I can use a metal egg flipper to generally flip things, I can use metal tongs to pick things up, I can even use a knife to cut that chop or steaks piece of fat that has made the meat distort and curl up so it lays flat and has a chance to cook as evenly as possible I can even put the whole frypan in the oven after searing some meat and let it finish cooking.

If I am going to cook something, about 5 mins before I start I turn the gas on, I let the pan warm up and it holds the heat wonderfully, yes it's bloody heavy, but that has its advantages.
Yes I can do all the things you can't bloody do with ya fancy non-stick frypans, I can use a wire brush on my new cast iron frypan if I want, hell I could use a jack hammer on it, no more having to worry about special utensils or scourers to clean non-stick frypans with!

That was Darins big day out, what a sad life I have lol.

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