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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Teriflunomide - Oral drug trial - part 03

Well I visited the guinea pig clinic on thursday, not much to tell most likely there won't ever be much to tell, but that's a good thing when you're on a trial, it's better than having to write about horrid side effects etc. So it's really quite boring, I don't think I have felt any worse and I still think I may have slightly more energy, because let me tell you when winter rolls around I pretty much hibernate and don't do much at all eg. zero energy and to cold to go out gallivanting around, let's be honest I am probably the most boring person you would ever meet.

I did find out something wonderful about the trial though, soon I will only need to visit the clinic every six weeks unless of course there are problems. Ya see I really dislike having to be somewhere, I prefer to get where I want to go at my own pace, I am the great procrastinator, so when I have to rock up to the clinic days I am usually a bit late and only sometimes early, so with visits every six weeks I have lots of time to work up to the clinic day. I am so bloody slack!

The nurse didn't have results of the blood test from the previous visit with her so I didn't find out if anything was different, but I do admit I am not that bothered, I know they will ring me if there are any problems, so that will do for now, I might push the nurse later on for info about the results, but I really don't want to start wondering whether I am on the drug or not, as I've said before I am very wary of the placebo effect, I just want to take the pills visit the clinic for my occasional "big day out" and get on with my sad pathetic life lol, I am so busy doing nothing it would blow your mind.

Off topic I did catch what I think is the last of the mice that had taken up residence in my abode after a fairly major yard/property clean up by myself and the guy next door (he is selling his house) I just couldn't be bothered mowing the lawn. I had caught quite a few mice, but one had eluded me, I guess seeing someone commit genocide on your species would make any varmint vermin think twice about going near a funny looking spring loaded object no matter how tasty it appeared to be, the peanut butter just wasn't working, it had served me very well, but I needed another more shifty way to entice him, so I sprinkled bird seed on top of the peanut butter and pressed it in so he had to work to pinch what ended up being his last meal, before being nearly decapitated by the spring loaded bone crusher!

RIP little mousey, you were a worthy foe, but alas human ingenuity had your number, you know, that number that was well and truly UP!

Happy, happy, joy, joy ;o)

 I feel like a Hot Chocolate now!

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