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Friday, 4 June 2010

Teriflunomide - Oral drug trial

Well this is the second trial I have taken part in, I have been going through the screening process for the past few weeks, which in my case has included blood tests and a cat scan and the usual MS tests they give you, I was accepted into the trial today and was given the pills, three months worth for now. I guess my main reason for doing this trial is because it's a trial for oral medication, even though I overcame my needle phobia with the last trial, I honestly don't think I could handle giving myself injections, to me that would be a massive step in overcoming the whole needle phobia phenomena and I would probably just not take the medications if I had to inject myself. If I ever become a diabetic I will cross that bridge when I needed to (from a needle phobic point of view diabetic people have my total respect ;) ).

I will also take part in an additional optional sub-study involving pharmacogenetic testing, put very simply, it will help work out who this drug will work for and who it won't from a blood test, I guess it's similar to that Betaferon story about a test for that drug that will determine whether it will work for a particular person from a blood test. It's all about your genes!

Normally they do a ultrasound on your pancreas (to get a base reading), but they had trouble finding mine, that's why I needed to have a cat scan, the trace they inject into you for the cat scan makes you feel like you wet yourself quite trippy but not too bad at all. The trial goes for two years, Deanna's blog about this trial has more information, no use reinventing the wheel

I didn't have lung function tests like Deanna did though, don't know why and I forgot to ask today, must remember to ask next time.

Anyway I will update as the trial goes on!

Cheers ;o)

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