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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Teriflunomide - Oral drug trial - part 02

I have now been on the trial for two weeks, I went for my two weekly check up today, just a blood test and urine sample, no neurologist check up, two neuros do those standard tests that most of us would have when we visit the neurologist, eye test, walking test, the finger test to your nose, run heel down shin etc., none of that today, was in and out very quickly.

Not a lot to tell because obviously the blood test was for the two preceding weeks, so next time I visit I might be able to find out how the blood test was. I did find out why I didn't have a lung function test, the nurse said she wasn't sure, but the trial I am on doesn't require it so Deanna may be on a slightly different trial to me, that requires a lung function test, anyway I didn't with the trial I am on.

When I was there two weeks ago I asked them if they could check my vitamin d levels as I have been taking one "5000 iu" vitamin d gel caps every day so I thought it may be worth checking my levels and they were taking blood anyway, it was just an extra vial. My Vitamin D level was 131, so it's at a good level and seems to indicate that the gel caps are working to raise the levels.

How have I felt since being on the drug (or placebo)?
I have felt like I have had a little more energy since I started taking the pills, but that's about all, who knows it may all be in the mind ;o)

That's all for now, as I said it will be interesting to see what the results are next time.


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